AMAZING AIZAWL| Silchar to Mizoram Aizawl Story – Northeast India

by Guwahati_City

Cant see anything ahead, truck coming out of dust, not visible at all, my god. What the hell is this, so there is no shopkeeper. You have to pay yourself and take the thing you want beautiful scenery..lakhs of stars have come on earth. Hey guys welcome to my youtube channel xtreme moto adventure, …

I was in silchar for 2 days was staying with varun varun showed me places …. Where did we go yesterday? Unakodi

Its a beautiful place, beautiful place.. next vlog, not next ..

Last vlog last vlog, if you have not seen please see its a very beautiful place today, i am going to Aizwal mizoram lets go to mizoram, which is 170- 180 kms far… I am a bit late to wake. Up.. it is 11. Am lets take? U to aizwal lets rock the show again so

… show has started and the journey..

Oh, my god, .. hit. The bottom was to high. So, as i was saying, show has started so has the journey started for today to aizwal we are out… We have to turn on the map exactly. I am not confirmed which side to go.

Maybe this side, so let me on the map.. it too hot, very hot heat is worsening the condition. Look at the cows roaming on the road. Look, so many huge craters. What is the government doing here? Dont know the government is like the goat behind

On aunty watch the road looking behind and moving forward while crossing.., so yesterday we did pure off road, and today we are enjoying riding on straight highways. 100 125 130kmph is normally the speed

For some time i have slowed the bike so that during vlogging voice is audible. 125. Oh man! How are you coming that too, on an auto, so the climb of aizwal has started and from here aizwal is 128 km. ..

Small potholes are visible road conditions till now were very good. Full people are there something to eat something to eat. Only tea… Only tea,

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Nothing else .., pepsi and all pepsi. Is it cold good? This will do lets. Go

.. had some food didn’t get food.. had some pepsi and wafers 40 kms from here exactly 39 km. It is showing these craters have made my condition worse. This dust dust

Whats this you cant call it a road god. What is this? This is going to be tough. What will happen lets see its bad here lets take through the crater..

It will be better ascent can disturb your balance from where, where form center of here center, let him come first, i will see. Wait, wait!

..To him that truck coming from behind – oh my god, its tough shoes, are going to be ruined, see. Oh, my god. This is very tough conditions from to cross..

Totally a little oh man have to go from here… Very high here. Go go, go oh shit! Finally, i think lot of mud cant see anything ahead…

Truck came right from the dust was invisible, craters are killing us dust, is killing us..on top of that big trucks. Have i come wrong? No

This is the road that is shown can see any vehicle, except truck can see only truck. Why, my god, what the hell is, this shit man, nothing is visible. On top of that craters. Oh, i think shit shit. Oh, look at the truck guys how it is going roads will be this bad. I never thought and if it rains here, then..

Game over rider will be destroyed finally crossed

Theres one more ahead: blowing dust … in the eyes, theres only dust,

I think that this road is only used by truckers and i have mistakenly taken it. Oh god .. cars till now, just one or two i have seen..

Cant see anything so. Finally, we have reached aizwal city. As, u can see behind beautiful scenery, stars on the ground cars light face got lit up now. It will pass its dark here. Thats. Why cant see anything? The scenery is very beautiful, very beautiful, … its evening 6 pm

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Lets go to aizwal city and search for rooms and all after food and all and end todays, day.., tomorrows, scene..

A little shots in this video.., i am going to add so watch the vlog till the end. I have reached aizwal. This is my room.. very nice room and i got it from annex home stay a place. I searched online, but i didnt book there

Came here and booked negotiated .. for Rs850, such a beautiful room and the view form here is amazing. Let me show you the view. It is a type of window can say a window or a door see outside outside view. Very beautiful…

See so guys, this looks like a beautiful place, hills on all sides, .. see, there’s a view point there from where we can enjoy the view.. lets see whether andy stop or no

Many riders have stopped. Is this the place? So this is the place okay, yeah sure.., with helmet or without

Yeah yeah delhi… I started from delhi its 123rd day. I am just riding motorcycle to places..all India, nepal, bhutan. You can see the view guys from here very beautiful, very beautiful nice place, so andy has stopped us again to show a special place. That is a shop small but special, but there is no shopkeeper here. Rules are simple:

You have to see the items here rates are written here on there, small stones, see written here and here theses a box in which, u can put the money, no shopkeeper.. just put the money. What ever? U have to, but just take it. Isn’T it amazing and andy has told us that all over northeast it is found in many places, isnt it

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Andy is a bit shy to come in video, but many amazing places here. I have got to see.. many unique things which only in north east you will be able to see.. lets move ahead. This was very unique.

Look around first, let us fly drones now, where ever we ca.. lets fly..

And show you scenery nice place, so andy is finding something here found some flower. What will he do? .. lets see. What did you find andy? Oh taking photo. These are so beautiful, lovely, ..,

See guys so.. andy is going to grow it at his house seriously. Look at the flowers. These things are so gorgeous too see. Yeah, awesome..,

Amazing, so all this .. with a local. When? U will come? U will see

Or else you wont get it so andy is showing me around the area aizwal and around…

Its amazing and some new things i am able to see like this beautiful plant are these flowers or what just grass so andy has put these plants on his bike and taking them home rest. Why have we stopped? I dont know buying vegetables for the house. I think what is this crabs? These are crabs. This is a small shop where they are selling vegetables.

Sorry, fresh local products and live crabs see live crabs. These are alive, they can bite you. No, i wont see i am hungry…

I have ordered rice, pulav and sandwiches.. after having food and all todays day … Let us wrap it.

If this video, if you liked it then like like subscribe and share, please do … I hope i am tired. Speaking..

So for now thats it.., let’s meet in our next video till then bye, bye, take care, ride, safe, Jai, Hinsd and sayonara. Today i have almost completed 156 days riding .., so body is bit exhausted, but thats a way of travelling too man.

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