Assam (Haflong) to Mizoram by Train- Welcome to Mizoram

by Guwahati_City
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Finaly It is morning I slept last night in this Truck Here This side. Here is my BackPack door, Open WoW,

This is Outside view. Now I am at New Haflong ( Assam ). There are many Trucks on other side. I will left this truck and then i will go to Railway station. Now. My day has began. I will take Auto that Auto was full. Railway Station is nearly 7 km from here, but i got Auto for only 1 Km. Then i started to walk, And then i got lift in a Vehicle Which was going to Railway Station Haflong Railway Station is really so Beautiful and It is only hill Station of Assam Train stop is nearly 30 min and everyone descends and enjoy breakfast with ease. Now I am at Silchar railway station. Actually I came here 2 hours ago. Now time is 4:20 pm It i had not got the car, then maybe i could not catch the train Because Everything don’t work according to you, so there …. Actually, I was thinking that Road cross is just ahead of railway Track, But there was Tunnel and Road was above the Mountain, So

Thanks to that person who gave me lift otherwise it will be hard for me to reached here today If i had not gotten that vehicle than maybe it take evening or i could not come here, ( Silchar ), My train is on the platform for Bairabi ( Mizoram ) Bairabi Railway Station is in Mizoram, So i will go by that Train and i have taken Ticket And…
It is only train for Mizoram in a day. Train behind me is for Mizoram. I will take this train and i will reach nearly on 8:30 pm at Bairabi, (, Mizoram, ) And …
It is good for me Because … I will arrive in night and then in morning i can explore Mizoram So..


It is better and I have return plan Might be. I will come back by this train Or …. I will go to Manipur direct from Mizoram “ After blogging.
When i went inside the Train, then i saw two beautiful girls before them only i had heard about Mizo people but never meet. So Now I am in Train. Also, i got seat very easily. There is no rush inside the Mizoram train When train started. Many of them are local. Now i am going freely to Mizoram. This is my seat and …

I got some friends..

… here they are, She is Sangzeli ( Sister of Nu-i, ) and

She is Nu-i, She has become my good friend, Nu-i and mine. Train stop was same Bairabi Railway Station I to had to go Bairabi and Nu-i and Sangzeli were also going to Bairabi, Nu-i and Sangzeli had a home in Bairabi and… I had to stay there tonight. They asked me “: Where will you stay tonight” And i said that I will stay in train or on railway station. Then she told me that..

“, You can stay on my home” and they took me to their house and introduced me to their parents, and i slept that night on her house Here. It is very common to getting Pan in the Train like Peanuts in North Indian train, So Nu-i and Sangzeli also bought Pan and also tested me. She is her mother and …

She.., What is short name Nu-i, and He is her father and it is their Kitchen and she is

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… cooking something..

Is it good, Oh Good, Haha, and this is outside view, How beautiful it is?


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