Assam News – West Bengal Governor visits camp in Assam sheltering post-poll violence affected WB people

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West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar on Friday visited the camps in Assam sheltering people affected by post-poll violence in West Bengal. 

West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar visited the Ranpagli camp in Assam on Friday. 

Around 400 violence affected people from West Bengal, mostly BJP workers and their families are taking shelter in 2 camps in Assam. 

Governor Jagdeep Dhankar met with the affected people who fled Bengal and took shelter in Ranpagli camp in Assam. 

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The affected people narrated their ordeal before the West Bengal Governor. 

Governor Jagdeep Dhankar reached the Ranpagli camp in Assam after his scheduled chopper ride had to be cancelled due to bad weather. 

“People in the state are afraid of going to police stations. Police is afraid of ruling party workers. I have encouraged them to come back, I will take the bullet on my chest. I will talk to CM with a positive approach. She got the mandate. CM should leave confrontation,” said Governor Jagdeep Dhankar after meeting the affected people. 

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“Would urge Mamata Banerjee to take to cooperative and constitutional stance and give up confrontationist approach as this alone can blossom democracy, promote rule of law and serve the people. Would take initiative to so accomplish by deliberating with CM,” added Governor Dhankar. 

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