Bongaigaon the gateway of the North-East Frontier Railway

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Bongaigaon is the gateway of the North-East Frontier Railway Zone. The city is considered to be one of the most populated urban agglomerations. Historians visit this place very frequently because of the monuments present here.


The hilly caves present in the Bongaigaon district tell us of the existence of Buddhist Culture. The cultural essence of the place is extremely splendid. The people of the Bongaigaon aim at establishing a beautiful blend of nature and human evolution. That’s what makes them different.

What are the areas popular over here?

As you all know that Bongaigaon is a city with a mesmerizing lush green atmosphere that heals everyone. Therefore, it is renowned all over India. The place is beyond any other heavenly paradise. Seeing the fascinating rock-cut caves is extremely interesting. Areas to visit over here are as follows:

  1. Bagheswari Temple
  2. Kakoijana Wildlife Sanctuary
  3. Kachugaon Game Reserve
  4. Manas National Park
  5. Koya-Kujia Bill
  6. Rock-cut Caves
  7. Bagheswari Hill
  8. Birjhora Tea Estate


There are several schools in the Bongaigaon district. Also, there are kids activity schools to foster aspects of education with fun.

Senior and junior colleges impart higher education opportunities to the aspirants.

How to reach?

Bongaigaon being situated in a disadvantaged geographical location is not well connected to the metro cities. The nearest airport would be Ranchi. However, regular trains and buses help travel.


Popular food is rice with mustard fish curry. Also, Bengali and Assamese cuisines are followed over here.

One should visit Bongaigaon once in a lifetime. However, nature lovers can’t stop visiting the place again and again.

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