Capt Cook indulging in hobbies while oblivious to woes of state: Oppn Update with guwahati assam

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A DAY after Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh invited a group of Olympians to his farmhouse where he himself cooked and served them a lavish feast, the BJP and SAD (Samyukt) have slammed the move, accusing the CM of “indulging in hobbies” while “being oblivious to the woes of the state”.

“After cooking the goose of Punjab and failing the state in all dimensions, ‘Captain Cook’ has now returned to his favourite hobby, cooking and other allied activities of his routine pastime fun and frolic, completely oblivious to the vast obliteration and loot of Punjab when mafias rule the roost, during his regime,” said former deputy Speaker and SAD (Samyukt) leader Bir Devinder in a statement Thursday.

The chief minister had cooked some of his favourite dishes on Wednesday to fulfil a promise he had made to the Olympic contingent.

“Emperor Nero was playing the flute while the city of Rome was burning. It is also narrated in history that Emperor Nero later built his ‘Golden Palace’ on the land that was completely ravaged and devastated by fire and also used its waste land and dissipated surrounding as his pleasure gardens. If the obnoxious activities at the newly built ‘Siswan Palace’ of the chief minister, near Chandigarh, are consciously taken into account, it is almost reminiscent of the same evocative expression that of ‘Rome Burning and Nero playing the fiddle’,” said Bir Devinder.

The senior leader said the Punjab CM was indulging in “photo ops wearing a chef’s apron, cooking delicacies for Olympic medal winners and personally serving them at a time while the entire farming community of Punjab is battling for its survival”.

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“The employees of the state go without salaries, job vacancies are being canceled after entrance exams, trees of Mattewara forest and many other green belts are being cut down mercilessly, coal reserves for thermal power have virtually finished, teachers are being lathicharged unabatedly every day, unleashing brutalities of all sorts, drug deaths and farmers suicides are peaking in Punjab while the CM indulges in hobbies,” he said.

BJP National General Secretary Tarun Chugh said the people of the state need a CM “who listens to their problems and works for them, not someone who is busy cooking in the kitchen”. “It is good to honour sportspersons. But is it right that a gold medal is won by sportspersons from a different state while we in Punjab just sit and clap,” he asked.

Chugh asked what Punjab has done for sportspersons in past four and a half years. “Why is it that Punjab sportspersons are forced to play for other states? Rahul Gandhi is to be blamed for the incorrect marketing of Punjab by calling it a state of drug addicts. Neighbouring state Haryana has movies like ‘Dangal’ and ‘Sultan’ made on them on wrestling while Punjab has an ‘Udta Punjab’ made on it. Capt saab can serve royal feast to the sportspersons but also create facilities for sportspersons in the state so that they can win medals,” he said.

The BJP leader added that in Haryana, the state government takes care of the needs of sportspersons even before they go and take part in the competition.

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“In Punjab what do we do? We say go and win medal from other state we will feed you dinner,” said Chugh.

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