Do You Know These things About Arunachal Pradesh?

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Arunachal Pradesh: The ultimate northeast living style!

Arunachal Pradesh is popularly known for its culture and tradition. Also, the state is well known by the name of the “the land of dawn lit mountains”. As we know that India is a versatile country and so its states are. There are many different cultures, forms, traditions, and popular dishes of all the specific states. Therefore, in this post, we will discover everything about the amazing state of Arunachal Pradesh, which lies in the northeast of India. So, let’s begin.

Education in Arunachal Pradesh

Over the past 50 years, the education system has progressed a lot in Arunachal Pradesh. The state has gradually decreased its illiteracy and poverty rates by spreading education to all the students in elementary form.  Till now, state education follows the 10+2+3 education pattern. Although with the new education pattern, the education pattern might shift soon to 5+3+3+4.  English is considered the primary element of language. Also, you can find a great variety of CSBE, ICSE, and state board schools in Andhra Pradesh. Also, there are many highly developed universities and colleges as well.

Culture of the Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh holds the ultimate tribe of owning not less than 26 tribes. Each tribe tends to follow different traditions and rituals. This makes the state super versatile and happening. Although there are three major tribes of Arunachal Pradesh popularly known as mon pas, adis, and octets tribe. Also, people in Arunachal Pradesh tend to follow their religion. They have a very different approach to their religion which is completely related to nature.

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Top Places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh

Mother Indian has a beautiful nature. Also, Arunachal Pradesh is an excellent state which comprises the rich variety of flora and fauna. Also, this is considered as one of the largest states. There are many beautiful places that you can visit Arunachal Pradesh. Some of the very popular places of Arunachal Pradesh are the Namdapha national park. The park is a beautiful, serene beauty. It is also the third-largest park in India. Apart from that, you can visit many places like Tawang, Sela pass,  text, dirand, pasighat, nuranag falls. These are the best places to visit, once you enter the state.

How to reach Arunachal Pradesh

You can easily reach Arunachal Pradesh by the mode of rail transport, flights and also by road. Also, the state is situated at the distance of 72 kms between the library airport and Itanagar as well.  The distance can be easily covered in 2 hours only. The flights are available for the state four days a week. Also, the train journey of Arunachal Pradesh is amazing. You will tend to see many beautiful scenic portraits the entire way. You can visit the astonishing state of the road services as well. It includes the buses, and cars as well. National highways have opted for a smooth journey.

Popular dishes of the Arunachal Pradesh

The Arunachal Pradesh food is well known for its rich culinary flavors. As a result, you can get a variety of flavors blended in their ultimate cuisine. Also, these flavors of the state are highly appreciable and noticeable as well. Some of the most popular dishes of Arunachal Pradesh are bamboo shot, Pika pila, Chura sabji, dung PO, peak, luster, apong, momos, and marua. These dishes are amazing and worth eating if you are visiting the state.

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So, here is everything about the most popular and divine state of India, Arunachal Pradesh. The state is super amazing in terms of its natural beauty. A must-visit once in your lifetime.

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