Do You Know These things About Sikkim?

by Guwahati_City

We all love waking up to a place next to which is chilling cold outside, but warm cozy in the room. Looking at the scenario of the beautiful snow mountains with a hot mug of coffee in hands is just a “wow” factor. Trekking, amazing waterfalls, bizarre foods are what we all crave to have at least once a year. Well, now that’s easy to avail all these in a complete package through visiting Sikkim. Sikkim is a place where you will love to cherish for your entire lifetime. The place, its people, the environment will make you fall in love over and over again. A site that makes you introspect yourself and make you find the real you.

There are some points and specialties of Sikkim such as their culture, education, top places to visit, popular food cuisines and many other stuff. So, stay tuned till the end of this article. This will clear all your doubts if you are wanting to travel to Sikkim.

How to reach Sikkim:

You can choose any of the modes to travel to Sikkim that is either roadways, airways, and railways. Since there are no proper railway associations in this state. You need to book your ticket to Siliguri or Jalpaiguri and from there you can travel via road to reach Sikkim. Coming to the point of Airways, you can take a flight from Kolkata to Sikkim (Bag Dogra Airport.)

Education of sikkim:

Doenjang is the less populated state of India. Now, this will be quite interesting to find out what are the literacy rates and how are the educational institutes. As per the reports and data, the overall literacy of Sikkim in 2011 stood up to 81.42%. Quality education has always been their major concern. Based on reports evaluated there were 1300 schools. They outlined 20% of the state budget in the education sector. Coming to the point of colleges, there are 10 government and 5 private colleges, 4 private universities, and 1 central university.

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Culture and top places for site seeing at sikkim:

Talking about the culture of this state. This state is very diversified in its way of traditions, customs, beliefs, and rituals. The majority of the population constitutes Nepalese. Adding to this there are other groups of people Lepchas, Bhutias who have been living here for a long period. Furtherly, it is known for its folk dances, especially the ceremonial mask dance, Kagyat dance which is a must-watch one. They even celebrate Dussehra, which shows us the unity of our nation. Some of the other festivals include Namoong, Lasoong, Labab Duchen, etc. make you plan one during these times and enjoy them fully.

Well, not only traditions and festivals, but also there are some sites which will become your top-notch once you see them. Sites such as Gangtok the capital city of Sikkim, Tosmgo Lake, Nathula Pass, Kanchenjunga base camp, Pelling, Zuluk, Teesta river are must watch. The beautiful valley, high ranged mountains hiding beneath the snow chilled river banks, surrounded by greenery will be the point you will love. So, whenever you plan a trip to Sikkim make sure that it will be a long one as there are many places which you need to visit.

Food habit of sikkim:

It requires energy to travel to these delightful distant places and enjoy wholesomely. So, food is a must. But for some people, they just travel to explore only the wider range of food and only food. So, this is a must include topic when you travel to Sikkim. As they have a wide variety of cuisines and other stuff. But the most popular foodstuff is the Momo. Though these memos are easily available across the country, they have been originally generated over there. Adding to this you must also try Chaang, Kinema curry, Kodo Ko Roti, Sael Roti, Chhurpi, Gundruk, and Sinki as well. Don’t return if you don’t try these delightful dishes.

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Nevertheless, all this must be there over in your bucket list. Enjoy to the fullest, as this state will remove all your tiredness and buck you up with its mesmerizing ethnicity. Make sure you reach out to the farthest point and come back with a bag full of harboring memories.


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