Northeast News – Press Clubs in districts observe ‘National Press Day’

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Press Clubs of Dimapur, Kohima, Mokokchung and department of Mass Communication, Patkai Christian College (PCC) observed “National Press Day” under the common theme “Media in the era of Artificial Intelligence” in Dimapur, Kohima and Mokokchung.

DPC: In Dimapur, Dimapur Press Club observed “National Press Day” at the Conference Hall, near Cafe Leon, DC Court Road, Dimapur with Additional Commissioner, CGST, Dimapur Sashiwapang IRS, as the special guest.

Sashiwapang stressed on the societal role of the media while urging a more expansive focus on economic contextual reporting. Touching on algorithmic challenges, he highlighted the nuanced nature of choices in today’s landscape. He noted the shift from traditional news reliance to internet accessibility, expressing concerns over misinformation and user responsibility. Positioned as a policymaker, he advocated for unbiased economic analysis alongside traditional reporting, emphasizing the crucial role of public discourse in shaping societal perspectives.

The event provided insights into the evolving journalism landscape, grappling with complexities introduced by AI and the call for a balanced and informed media approach. The event unfolded under the welcome address by president, DPC Imkong Walling, and concluded with vote of thanks by vice president, Honikali Lohe which was chaired by Paudi Renta.

KPC: Kohima Press Club (KPC) celebrated “National Press Day” at APO conference hall with editor and publisher, Nagaland Page, Monalisa Changkija as the guest speaker
In her speech, Changkija said that the theme for the 2023 National Press Day was very appropriate since Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a serious concern across the spectrum, and also has enormous ramifications for the media, one way or the other”

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She stated that now with extremely sophisticated scientific and technological innovations and inventions, people face newer threats.
Changkija opined that the media also need to question what our governments and corporate are selling to us in education, health, agriculture, infrastructure development, everything, including our political, social, economic and cultural narratives. She added that media need to inform the findings to the people. She cited examples such as in education or health for instance were media also need to question on whether AI would rescue or raid us.

Dr. Moalemba Jamir from The Morung Express was awarded the Kohima Press Club’s “Impact Journalism Award 2023” during the National Press Day celebration.
Highlights of the programme included awards under KPC-NBOCWWB Media.

KPC-NBOCWWB Media Fellowship committee (video journalism) Vincent Belho presented the KPC-NBOCWWB certificate to Reyivolu Yhosa, Thejoto Nienu and Imti Longchar.
The welcome note was pronounced by KPC general secretary Vishü Rita Krocha while KPC president Alice Yhoshü highlighted a short speech on “Impact Journalism Award 2023”. Advisor to KPC Kopelo Krome pronounced the vote of thanks.

MPC: Mokokchung Press Club also observed National Press Day at the conference hall of Hotel Whispering Winds, Mokokchung.
Keynote address was given by president of the Mokokchung Press Club, Imalenden Longkumer.

Guest speaker Monalisa Changkija with KPC members and others. (NP)

Principal of ITI Mokokchung, Er. T Imlisunep Ao, the thematic speaker, maintained that “Effective use of AI is a powerful tool for media. Harnessing AI’s potential can greatly benefit Mokokchung.”

He also contemplated over the prospect of media catalyzing Mokokchung into a skill hub by establishment of a ‘Skill University’ in the district
In his speech, Imnalenden said celebration was also a day to reflect upon the challenges, achievements, and responsibilities that come with the power of journalism.

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He contemplated the profound transformations in the world and the media’s evolution over the years, culminating in the present challenge posed by Artificial Intelligence.
He said while AI provided tools for data analysis, fact-checking, and content creation, enhancing the efficiency of newsrooms; yet on the other hand, it raises questions about the ethical use of AI.

He asserted that AI cannot replace “empathy and human touch” and urged the press fraternity to hold the essence of the media, that is, to inform, educate and hold the powerful accountable.
Assistant Professor of FAC, Dr. Limasenla Jamir, shared her journalistic journey, describing it as ‘spectacular.’

DPRO Mokokchung, Tialemba Ao, expressed eagerness to collaborate with the press fraternity in reflecting the sentiments of the people to the government
The programme was chaired by Temjennaro Longhcar and vote of thanks was proposed by secretary MPC, Sashimeren Jamir.

The event witnessed the participation of members from several civil society organizations including the apex Ao women’s body, Watsü Mungdang; All Ward Union Mokokchung Town (AWUMT); Ao Students’ Conference (AKM); and Mokokchung Town Lanur Telongjem (MTLT).

PCC: The department of Mass Communication, Patkai Christian College (PCC), observed “National Press Day” at the department studio under the theme, “Rethinking Rich Media, Poor Democracy.”

Speaking on the event, assistant professor, department of Mass Communication, Rojenn Wahengbam, said that the day serves as a reminder of the importance of a free and responsible press in a democratic society. Meanwhile he virtually welcomed the esteemed guest professor Head of Department, Mass Communication, Mizoram University V Ratnamala.

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Members of MPC with resource person R Imlisunep and others.

Highlighting on media and its role in democracy, Prof. Ratnamala emphasized that media was critical for ensuring freedom of expression and freedom of information.
She said, “A free media sector, in-fact, is critical for ensuring freedom of expression and freedom of information, both of which were required for citizens to participate effectively in democratic processes.”

Ratnamala, added that media provides access to information which enables people regardless of gender to make informed decisions, participate in dialogue, stand up for their rights, influence policy and social norms, and hold governments to account.

She also necessitated the promotion of inclusive news coverage, recognising problems of discrimination and marginalization of minorities, and ensuring equal human rights.
Earlier, Wan-O Nangmung Yanlem chaired the programme, Viuto Zhimo offered the invocation and Lashika concluded the programme with benediction.

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